Mar. 5, 2017

The Barriers We Think We Know.

“Persons with disabilities” don’t mean that the persons themselves are disable to do things, it doesn’t mean that their condition whether it is physical or mental burdens them from doing things right ‘or wrong’ and curbs them from accessing and being in a physical ‘place’ or emotional ‘state of mind’. They are “people with disabilities” because they don’t have the accessibility which allows them to live their lives and do their own activities, there is no accommodation and no accessibility to help them on reaching their rights of education, job, health and any rights which needs to be accessible.

“Disability” is a really wide, complicated, controversial and growing term/concept in the world and it is not easy to be defined or to hold it in a palm. Some minorities are considered with disabilities; some ethnics, women, children, old people, gays, homeless, vegetarians, Rastafarians and bankers.

I always thought of us the “third world humans” as persons with disabilities, we are all disabled persons as long as we are still facing barriers and ignorant about our own rights; barriers that exclude us from our rights to have good educations, to have the right to choose, the right to have a proper job, the right of getting justice, the right of living a good life suitable for a human being, well covered by respecting the dignity.

Persons with disabilities, suffer from the unequal system –if we have one, which doesn’t achieve or implement the equality for all the community members. Lie down and imagine -or even calculate, how persons with visual disability, mobility disability, hearing disability... etc, can survive in our “third world” no-system countries with all the barriers they face. No proper streets, no services, no accommodation and no justice. I start to believe that I myself living a luxury life in this corrupted no infrastructure country.

Do you know how many persons with disabilities in the world at this moment? –And this question can remain still whenever this article is popped out in time somewhere, okay I can see your silence so forget about this question because I know and understand that the concept of “disability” is really wide. Do you know how many persons with visual disability in the world at this very moment? Okay what about mobility disability in the world at this moment? –again the question is timeless. In spite of the wide concept of “disability” the numbers are really and actually unbelievably huge.

I don’t know you –yes you, but I know we need to make an action and a quick one. At the beginning we need to know, ‘Knowing’ is always the greatest laser sword for anything to be dealt with, ‘Knowing’ is no longer our secret weapon because “secret” is what brought us here from the very start and made us developing –if we really do- as the ages which passed on the planet Earth. I hope we can be fast, relevant, acknowledge, accurate, helpful and stand all together and build a better society, a better environment, better humanity –that one is no longer works, to build a good justice system, good accommodation,  a better dignity and a better planet. 

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